Heat wave approaching! Several departments were placed in orange vigilance, this Tuesday, August 2, 2022, by Météo France. The heat, moreover indicates Midi Libre on its site, should not fade in the days to come: according to the meteorological organizations, the trend could on the contrary increase. “A heat wave episode is confirmed for the middle of the week, centered on Wednesday and Thursday with maximum temperatures between 34 to 38 ° C and locally 40 ° C”, warned Météo France recently.

For the time being, yellow vigilance is mainly focused on the center, south and east of the French nation. The departments placed in orange vigilance by Météo France are the following: Ardèche, Drôme, Gard, Vaucluse and Pyrénées-Orientales. Vigilance, specify our colleagues, must be updated from 4 p.m.

Before hitting the road for vacation, it is important to pay attention to a certain number of small details, recalls Le Télégramme on its site. So remember to check the condition of your vehicle before leaving, but also to provide suitable clothing and water accordingly. Above all, do not drive during the hottest hours of the day… and, of course, think about the air conditioning.

But beware: this one could unfortunately let you go along the way. To be sure that this does not happen, it is essential to pay particular attention to a certain number of warning signs. The list in our slideshow below.