Officially, it is forbidden to bathe in public fountains in cities. These are prefectural decrees which, in most cases, decide, as in Paris, Toulouse or Troyes.

In this case, fines can be issued to those who risk defying the ban.

Nevertheless, there is a certain tolerance in this regard, particularly during hot weather.

What is less accepted, however, is nudity. As a reminder, this offense instituted in article L222-32 of the penal code provides that “Sexual exhibition imposed on the sight of others in a place accessible to the gaze of the public is punished by one year of imprisonment and 15 000 euro fine”. It is theoretically better to avoid wearing a swimsuit.

Despite the temptation during a heat wave to go for a dip thanks to these jets, the practice is however not recommended. Michèle Bleuse, deputy councilor for biodiversity and green spaces for the city of Toulouse, explained in the columns of La Dépêche in 2013: “Fountains are not swimming pools. The water is not treated and there is no monitoring in the event of an incident. It is therefore forbidden to swim in a bathing suit and to believe that you are at the seaside with a beach towel. On the other hand, in times of hot weather, you can, in street clothes, come and cool off by getting your feet and arms wet under the supervision of parents for children”.

In addition, according to The Weather Channel, vigilance is required. Both adults and children playing on it could injure themselves by slipping.