Significantly more detention places of Deportation in Germany, Stephan Mayer, Parliamentary under-Secretary of state calls in the Federal Ministry of the interior. “One of the Implementation problems is that there are currently only 420 too few detention sites in Germany”, said the CSU politician in an Interview with the “Passauer Neue Presse”. “Some States have not a single detention place. This must change.“ Here also, the countries are required.

in Addition, you should be able to think about, to loosen the strict separation of bid, after the deportation of persons not in the correctional facilities will be housed. “It is, of course, is not to lock you in the same cell or the same tract with the offenders,” said Mayer. “It’s a question, in the exceptional case in the same property in a correctional facility, also deportees.”

legislative changes required

on the one Hand, Mayer says, would eliminate the Federal government and Länder law enforcement deficits. On the other hand, it is necessary to fix obvious deficiencies in the legal situation. “The legal requirements for the arrangement of detention should be and the possibilities of the pre-departure detention extended loosened,” he said.