Olivier Langevin signs the music for Good morning Chuck (or the art of harm reduction), a new fiction series which will land on Crave on May 24, La Presse has learned.

This is a first for the singer-songwriter behind Galaxie. Another surprising detail: the guitarist offers a jazz-style soundtrack, very far from the rock universe in which he usually lives. “It’s jazzy, weird, emotional, dissonant and extremely effective,” reveals producer Lou Bélanger of St-Laurent TV, the company behind the series, which depicts the descent into hell of a star host who suffers from addiction.

Inspired by the career of actor Nicolas Pinson, who defends the main role, Good morning Chuck (or the art of reducing harm) is produced jointly by Mathieu Cyr, a good friend of Olivier Langevin, and Jean-François Rivard (C’ is how I love you, The Invincibles), who has always admired his work. The black and white series has an impressive cast, which includes Chantal Fontaine, Sylvain Marcel, Bernard Fortin, Marilyne Castonguay, Benz Antoine, Amélie B Simard, Hugo Dubé, Lyna Khellef, Nathalie Doummar, Claire Jacques, Myriam De Verger , Danielle Ouimet and Yves Corbeil. WWE wrestler Kevin Owens also appears in the credits.

Good Morning Chuck (or The Art of Harm Reduction) has been selected for Canneseries, a television festival that opens next week in Cannes. Two episodes will premiere in the Grand Auditorium on Monday, April 17.