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Its name is synonymous with Games. Expected to meet in Tokyo 2020 its eighth olympic dream, after collecting diplomas -fourth in Beijing 2008 and fifth in Athens in 2004 – and shares in addition to in Barcelona 92, Atlanta 96, Sydney 2000, London 2012 and Rio 2016. Tune up your body, that you will earn 51 springs for the next summer. The mind is not the need to train; the desire of Jesus Garcia Bragado to continue making a mark in the history of the 50 miles up are intact. Or higher than a few months, as he himself confesses in a video conference with multiple athletes which doubles the age and with which it participates in the action of solidarity, “The Spanish selection of athletes anonymous”, Joma and the Spanish Olympic Committee.

“I Guess the experience and my age have made me see in this stop and in this confinement an opportunity where others have seen a hassle. It is clear that if you had 25 years, I would be climbing the walls, but now I see it as good news that elongate the olympic cycle up to 2021. I have one more year to solve the problems I were building up, particularly articular , after the World cup in Doha -was-eighth – and everything that led to the heat”, he admits.

An opportunity that he will not pass. Presupposes the latter, but you never can trust one of an exceptional athlete that breaks records of longevity, with a very high competitive level. In Rio 2016, already 46 years old, was twenty and single Spanish, in the end, and assumed that would be your last step in the olympism. “By 2017, I took a sabbatical, but I saw the World and I made it clear that he wanted to qualify for Tokyo. With 50 or 51 years, to me does not change a lot.” Motivates him more, if possible, because it may be the last time that you see in the olympic program the test of 50 miles running. “The olympic movement has changed a lot. With the type of sports that are added, it is now increasingly difficult to fit a test like this, which takes about four and a half hours. is The illusion for being in the last occasion of the march can more the signals that I send the body “.

uncharted territory

Nected admits that in a year there are more options to getting injured, but it is well known. “In 2018 I qualified for the European and I had a muscle tear a week before. With this age, there are no miracles, I had to check out. I had to make new things, such as hag now: to recover the gym, go to the pool, touching the weights, years ago it would be unthinkable , and now it is necessary. We have a health system that does not envy to none and with the advances especially in sports medicine, allow you to be better every time to tackle long runs with more than 35 years who wish to continue in active service, as Valverde, for example.”

in Addition to history, also leaves tips: “To those who were still a little tiernitos, this year, extension can help them to get a little better and take all the experience possible. As I did in Barcelona 92, who was a master of sport and competition.” On the way to their second round Games, with 51 years, García Bragado is a “conqueror”: “The one who opens the undergrowth in uncharted territory seeing how you can respond to the body at that age . And that instead of having 50 years that it seems that we have 20 or 30 less.”