Emmanuel Macron, will he achieve a third term? It was Richard Ferrand, former president of the National Assembly, who launched the debate. Indeed, on June 18, 2023, then questioned by Le Figaro, the latter made some proposals, including the possibility of changing the Constitution to allow presidential terms to be extended.

Previously seven years, the length of the presidential term was set at five years in 2000. A referendum on the presidential term was organized by Jacques Chirac. The latter then gave rise to a change by a constitutional law. Could we then return to a change in the terms of the mandate?

On April 12, 2022, a month before his re-election, the President spoke about the idea of ​​extending the presidential term to seven years, as proposed by Marine Le Pen. “The seven-year term is a good rhythm, I think it’s a good breath in relation to the legislative elections and the time needed for presidential action”, he then affirmed, as recalled by La Voix du Nord. Nevertheless, he added that he would let “the people decide whether or not the seven-year term is renewable”.

Emmanuel Macron’s possible agreement to a seven-year term then revolted a large number of Internet users. However, a year later, it is no longer the number of years in office that is being discussed, but a much more radical change: the possibility of a third term. For the moment, a paragraph of article 6 of the Constitution specifies that “no one can exercise more than two consecutive mandates”. So what does Richard Ferrand reveal in his interview with Le Figaro? Why do these words make some people fear the worst?

Very close to Emmanuel Macron and the presidential camp, Richard Ferrand wanted to communicate some proposals during his interview with Figaro. In particular, he called for union and concession between political parties. “All the political forces that define themselves as republicans are partners of the President of the Republic. We need collective regroupment and peaceful debates”, he announced.

But it was when Arthur Berdah, journalist for the French daily, mentioned a possible regret that Emmanuel Macron could not run again in 2027 that Richard Ferrand addressed the desire for a change in the Constitution. “Our Constitution provides for it in this way. However, personally, I regret everything that restricts the free expression of popular sovereignty. The limitation of the presidential mandate in time, the non-accumulation of mandates, etc…”, he said. -he declares. So, would he be an eternal misunderstood or is he really considering a change in the Constitution?

Richard Ferrand went on to say that this limitation “constrains our public life with rules that limit the free choice of citizens. It weakens our political life in quality and density, and makes it less attractive”. preserving bicameralism and the Constitutional Council, vigilant guardian of republican principles and public freedoms”, he ended up concluding. Nevertheless, the former President of the National Assembly went back on his words by noting the reactions on this subject.

In a post on his Twitter account, Richard Ferrand then responded to the criticism. “Dismaying to see social networks and lazy media agitating on a stupid proposal that I did not make in an interview with Le Figaro: modify the Constitution for the presidential election of 2027. Imbecile panurgism”, he launched. However, the latter had indeed mentioned a change.

Will this answer put an end to the debate? Case to follow.