Islam Association Ditib wants to tackle after long-lasting criticism to restart, its work and structure, but not “abrupt” change. The Ditib had become the “target”, there have been many “unauthorized attacks”, but also his own failures, said the new Chairman Kazim Türkmen on Wednesday to journalists in Cologne. “There is an urgent de-escalation and a return to substantive issues.”

It is need of the time, the Türkmen to change the Turkish-Islamic Union as the largest Islam organization in Germany. And the Basis of such “processes” should be “inner dynamics”, not “demands from the outside”. The 46-Year-old defendant a one-sided debate on the Ditib. The contributions of the Association for a peaceful Coexistence would not be perceived to be appropriate. Instead, there is an “escalation of the debate”. Many Muslims felt that, in the meantime, through the course of the discussion on the Ditib excluded.

the end of 2016, it was reported that Ditib-Imane had spied in German mosques, Turkish opponents of the regime. Then, the red had pushed green previous government, the mosque Association, his seat on the Advisory Council for the Muslim religion lessons let it rest. Under Black-Yellow has changed nothing so far. The cooperation agreement of the country with the Islamic associations, the Muslim religious education in NRW ends on December 31. July of this year. After that, a new model must be found.

the politicians in the Federation and the länder are asking since 2016, a detachment of the Turkish government and the religious authority of Diyanet in Ankara. Addressed to the affair, to imams, to have gespitzelt for Ankara, stressed Türkmen, you have given all necessary information. There had been no charges are brought. “The matter is closed for the Ditib.” Reboot means to focus on the goal of a recognition as a religious community and on Islamic religion lessons. The scholar of religion, Volker Beck of the University of Bochum, Germany criticised on Wednesday: “The Ditib tries to swipe your building’s façade, but has not brought change color”.