Conflict between the USA and China – Trump announces termination of the U.S. relations with the Whothe American President, the relationship with the world health organization finish, which is, in his view, under Chinese control.oli/red0 comment trump announces the termination of the relationship of the United States to WHO, which he accused of being under Chinese control.Photo: Yuri Gripas/Abaca/Bloomberg via

in the Midst of the Corona-crisis US President, Donald Trump has announced the cancellation of his country’s relations with the world health organization WHO. “Today we will terminate our relationship with the world health organization,” Trump said on Friday at a press conference in the White house. The UN special organisation, so far, provided US financial resources would in future go to other global health projects. Critics accused Trump to look into the WHO, a scapegoat to their own failures in the crisis to distract.

it is Unclear whether Trump may terminate the membership of the USA in the WHO immediately and personally. In the Resolution of the US Congress from the year 1948 to join the WHO, it was said that the United States under which the right of withdrawal – however, with a twelve-month notice period. A prerequisite is thus that the USA have paid all outstanding contributions to the WHO.

Trump accused the WHO on Friday again to be under the control of the government in Beijing, although the United States paid a multiple of the member’s contributions in China. The WHO had the necessary reforms closed. The Chinese government accused the US President, to have the spread of the Coronavirus does not prevent. This led to the Corona pandemic that has now killed more than 100,000 people in the United States, the life.

Ultimatum of 30 days of

For a further appearance in the White house on Friday, Trump said: “We are certainly not happy about what is happening with respect to China.” The government in Beijing had managed to stop the spread of the Virus in the country, while the “invisible enemy” had spread over the whole world. He did not know whether it was “incompetence”, or whether there are other reasons behind this were that China had not stopped the Virus.

Trump WHO had only the 18. May threatened with a withdrawal of the United States and the organization set a deadline of 30 days for “substantial improvements”. On the occasion of the WHO annual meeting, he had announced, otherwise, it will set the US-payments of the Organisation and the membership of the United States will reconsider. In contrast, the 194 member countries of the WHO of the organization spoke at the annual meeting in Geneva of your trust.

The U.S. President had already made in the last month of a Freeze on U.S. payments to the WHO and international criticism drawn. He made the organization for the high number of deaths in the Corona-crisis is partly responsible, and described the Geneva-based specialized Agency of the UN as a “puppet” of China.


the Corona-crisis of the US President himself has come under severe pressure. The Republicans had played the risk of the Coronavirus to the public for a long download. An accusation that he was opposed to the WHO, is also directed against him: to have China at the end of January, and for the transparency in connection with the outbreak praised. In a Tweet from the 24. January had written Trump: “China has worked very hard, the Coronavirus is from the curb. The United States appreciates your efforts and transparency.” Meanwhile, Trump China blames a lack of transparency.

The democratic US Senator Chris Murphy, a member of the health Committee of the chamber of the Parliament, accused the Republicans Trump, this was never to Reform the WTO. “Those are all lies,” wrote Murphy on Twitter. “It was always a distraction and, therefore, to find a scapegoat.” The Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee in the house of representatives, the Democrat Eliot Engel, said, Trump step corresponds to the “turn Off the hydrant in the middle of a fire”. His Committee will investigate the Freezing of the contribution payments.

the WHO is The most important specialized Agency of the United Nations in the field of health. Your Budget derives mainly from donations and just less than a quarter of the mandatory contributions of the member States. The United States are in this district is the largest payer For the years 2020 and 2021, almost 116 million U.S. dollars, respectively, are due. China’s contribution for these two years at around $ 57 million. Add to this the voluntary contributions, amounting in the case of the USA, according to the WHO, in the years 2018 and 2019 to a total of more than $ 656 million. China came to more than 10 million US dollars.

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