(OTTAWA) The number of housing starts rose 13 per cent in February from the previous month, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) said Wednesday.

Housing starts were counted at 243,959 units last month, in seasonally adjusted and annualized data, while they had amounted to 216,514 units in January, specified the federal agency.

The annualized rate of housing starts in urban centers jumped 16% to 222,663 units in February.

This rate rose by 18% to 173,745 units in the collective housing segment and by 8% to 48,918 units in the single-detached house segment.

In rural areas, housing starts were estimated at 21,296 units.

The six-month moving average for housing starts was 255,735 in February, down 2% from January’s 259,830 units.