Almost every developer knows it: in Spite of intensive planning and long Coordination meetings of the architect with Rohbauer, a carpenter, a roofer and the heating engineer things to go wrong. Ordered and already manufactured window prove to be too small, because too low. And the planned precast stairs are much too bulky to be maneuvered through the door and window openings to the targeted appointment in the building.

Georg Küffner

editor in the Department “technology and Motor”.

F. A. Z.

The Trouble is, guarantees and huge. Long will discuss how the error could happen and who should bear the extra costs. Of the Ausbaldowern of the technical solutions, which openings, ultimately, the window tight and the stairs, but into the house gets, not to mention.

The future happen. Because of the under the Heading “Building Information Modelling” (BIM, building information modeling) operate method, data of all working steps, from planning to execution in a virtual computer model, to summarize – and the buildings, to visualize – without a stone must be moved. Today, although you can almost all of the major infrastructure projects such as bridges, sluices, sewers, and train stations appear only once in the computer long before an excavator digging the pit. From 2020 onwards, this method needs to use, who wants to participate in infrastructure tenders in the public sector.

But the construction of smaller objects, such as One – and two-family houses, the use of (more expensive) BIM process is still the exception. That’s about to change, by using open Standards be developed and introduced, the model-based data exchange in the construction industry. Not entirely new, the use of computer – aided design software for the provider of formwork and scaffolding solutions Peri in white horn with Ulm, the employees at several locations In the country and abroad about 8700 employees.

But the virtual planning of the formwork for a so-called green bridge wasn’t there yet. Created currently in the computers of the company, for a bridge in the course of the construction of the bypass road B83n between Bad karlshafen and Beverungen and is Half the road “Schiewe” span. With a length of about 23 meters and a width of about 28 meters, the building is quite bulky, therefore, bridges are usually rather slender and long. Due to the rather unusual dimensions of the roadway on both sides of two-Meter-high “irritation protection walls” separated and the planting and care of strip. To reduce rooms, the Cut of animal life. Whether and, if so, which animals cross here, it is difficult to predict. Specific forecasts, it is to not.