On Tuesday, the British Prime Minister Theresa May is stretched a second Time at the end of a vote in the lower house to wait. 29. January will be a paper from the government to the vote, which describes the further procedure Mays in the Brexit negotiations. This paper contains no news, but it is only the written version of what has been reported by May on Monday in the lower house: that you would like to trade with Brussels over the Backstop post, that you don’t want to cancel the Brexit decision and that she is against a second Referendum.

If the members agree to this “neutral paper” or not, is not decisive. Important of the Amendments tabled by the deputies now are – and these have it is quite. Because you could ensure that the will house the control of the Brexit process.

The request that, in the British media so far, for the most voltage, is a Labour politician Yvette Cooper and Conservative Nick Boles proposal. The members should agree with him, they should vote accordingly on a motion, May would force you to reach in the EU, an extension of the deadline up to the exit of Britain from the EU. The risk of No Deal Brexits would be banned in order for the First. Since many of the members want to achieve this, it is quite possible that this Amendment receives a majority. As the “Mirror” reported, could it be, that also May bevoruzugt secretly this solution. Because then you could extend the deadline, to be without self-caved.

A second, more radical proposal comes from the former English attorney General Dominic Grieve. The Amendment provides that a minority in the Parliament of 300 members – at least ten must come from the group of the government party could enforce that a favorite application is set on the next sitting day as the first on the Agenda. That would be a radical innovation, has so far, however, the government has the Power over the Agenda of the lower house.