It is not a secret anymore that making money from a website by selling place for ads posting is not a myth but a hard fact.

Without exaggeration, thousand of people, including bloggers, tried their hands in it, but gave it up very soon. And common mistake here is expecting high results immediately. Of course, there companies who are ready to pay for a click on their ads $50 or even $100, but it doesn’t come at once. Such incomes require from a website being very, no VERY popular and have huge traffic and quality content.


It is a good sign on initial steps if money you get from advertising can cover your expenses on hosting, certificates, should know before being crestfallen.


Do you have traffic on your website?

In other words, you should understand how many people visit your resource. The more the better. It makes primary importance as advertisers want their ads to see as more people as possible, and audience in 10 or 50 people is neither here nor there, but a waste of money.


Title: How to sell Ads on your website?

How relevant your audience is?

If your website is about cats diseases, posting ads about spare and wear parts from lorries is a bit too unwise. There is great chance the ads will not elicit response from your audience. And, in the worst case scenario, you may lose your followers and the advertiser will not be happy with this money investment, too.


Think about models of payment

Generally, there are 3 formats for being paid:

  1. click;
  2. thousand of displays;
  3. a click with purchase.


Each method has its pros and cons as well as some requirements. You may choose the same variant your competitors do or talk directly to an advertiser and decide.


In addition, we would like to mention in this point that placement of the ads also is very important. Think of it when you state price for posting.


Finally, how to count money from the ads?

You may find advertisers by yourself, contact them and discuss all the details. The only precaution here is to ask yourself a question: does this business competes with me or completes my website? You will, obviously, need somebody from the second case.


One more popular variant is to find advertisers via ad networks. What can be not very convenient is that they have fixed price for all the options and may accept it or search something different. But before becoming angry, think that you save your time and nerves on searching, contacting, discussing the details – it is really worth paying.


A piece of advice for those who is in search of a network

There are many followers of Google Adsense. It is very popular, but it’s not alone in town. The advice we mentioned above may work in this case as well: check your successful competitors and follow their example.


Nobody says you are obliged to use only one network or model of payment, you may use several patterns to gain better results and improve your weak points. Good luck!