Yves Ngabu and defend after that, the European title is on the cruisergewichten (-90,719 kg). The 30-year-old, of West-Flanders will do that to the 25,000 people in the 02 Arena in London. He is the British champion Lawrence “The Sauce,” Okolie.

as Ngabu, the 26-year-old Okolie a long time. He has won thirteen of the camps, of whom ten of the road. Ngabu, has twenty wins, one of which was fourteen by KO on his record. In London, the title of which he is in June of 2017, in Roeselare belgium, which was conquered for the third time in the game.

Ngabu was already at Okolie, the number seven in the world rankings record. “He is the British number one, which is the official players and also for a long time. Although this may not be a long time before, he has never fought against someone who may be as hard if I have to. I don’t think he is going to be able to displace. When I get to the top, to me is what if, Okolie may be right. He’s big and strong and certainly has the potential to be a world leader-to-be. But I am lost in never, believe one hundred percent in me, and I am confident that I am stronger than the enemy.”

Photo: Action Images via Reuters

in The camp of, Ngabu is in the opening act of a summer camp for the WBA Super title and the WBC Diamond title and the IBF title in the superlichtgewichten (-63,503 kg) among britain’s Josh Taylor, the man Regis Prograis. “It’s out of stock, and that is so very special,” says Ngabu. “But if I have 2,000 or 25,000 people to fight, as the ring will stay the same.”

The next goal for the Ngabu is a summer camp for a world title. “In the past, I didn’t believe that I was that level, but I am stronger than ever. I’ve already been in contact with the wereldpromotors and take a long time for the world title of boxing. Is there anyone who wants to organize it.”

Still, the O2 is taking the Steve Jamoye (26 wins, 7 losses, 2 draw) Saturday at the continental and WBA titles in the welters (- 66,68 kg) on got You “in The Now” Good ” (15 victories).

Photo: Action Images via Reuters