Sally listens in on Adam’s call from Chelsea to find out what Christmas gifts they are going to buy Connor at Newman Media. He quickly sends her a text message and lets her go. Sally arrives and tells him that it doesn’t sound good. Adam reveals that Jill Abbott has added a new twist to their plans for Chance Comm. She has put the entity up to sale to the highest bidder. Sally believed this was the right thing. Adam explains that bidding wars can be complex. He doesn’t get the negotiating position he wanted… but one constant is that Billy loses, no matter who wins.

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Sally asks: “So you are saying that even if Chance Comm is not won, you will be happy if Billy loses control.” Adam confirms it. Sally is just happy that Newman Media and the fashion platform won’t be negatively affected by whatever happens. He doesn’t need her assistance. His phone rings. He suggests to Sally to “Stick to Your Day Job” and asks her to close her door. Then he enters the phone to say, “What did You Find Out?”

Victoria hears Nikki at Newman-Locke tell Victoria that they have just received their answer about the Chance Comm offer. Victoria looks at the tablet. Nikki wonders whether she will make another offer. Victoria is aware that Adam has made it very clear that he wants everything Billy did to be destroyed. They will be aggressive in their tactics and bidding. Nikki discourages Victoria from participating. Victoria claims it’s business and that she wants to be the businesswoman her father taught.

Lily sits down at home and reads her tablet. She thinks it’s now official: Jill has made a decision regarding Chance Comm. She tells Billy that she had a feeling that he was planning to do something yesterday. He says he wants revenge on Victor and Adam, but he won’t do anything until she is in control. He must tell Lily what he is planning. Billy will tell her, but he doesn’t think she will like it. Lily is shocked that he would attempt something so difficult and risky after all he’s experienced. It’s up to Billy. She warns him that it could all go wrong in his face. And what can he do to get revenge? Billy reaffirms that all they had printed about Ashland were true. Victor and Adam knew this, but they only cared about sticking it to Victor. He will do it if he is able to pull it off. He is trying to save his reputation, and he hopes that she will be there for him.

Ashley beaming, embraces Victor in the ranch’s living room. She had more to say to him but could not over the phone because of security risks. Victor is stunned to learn that Chance is still alive. Abby took him home. It’s amazing news, he says. Ashley confirms that Abby is thrilled. Ash answers his question about Chance and explains that he is still carrying the trauma’s weight. Abby persuaded him to return home, even though he wanted to stay to complete the mission. Victor believes their daughter draws strength from them both. Chance will be able to get to know him and his priorities will shift.

Abby at the Chancellor Estate looks worried when Chance tells her he feels lost and a stranger. Abby reminds Chance that their lives are connected. He was responsible for everything that happened in Spain. This is your home. You belong here. Jill arrives and almost falls apart when she sees Chance. He is in tears as she rushes to her, and she hugs him. Chance is fine. He just feels awful about what they’ve gone through. But he couldn’t choose. Abby and Dominic talk about Devon’s kindness.

Devon is still struggling to grasp the fact that Abby has found Chance alive at the penthouse. Amanda is certain they are looking forward to starting a family. Devon takes Dominic’s favourite toys with him and picks them up when he fusses. Amanda observes how attached Dominic has become to his baby; it will be hard for him to take him home. Devon insists that he is happy for the child to be reunited with his parents. Amanda smiles but is concerned as he takes the bag with him.

Chance receives a call from the section chief at the Chancellor Estate and learns that there has been a positive development which should help the new team track the attackers down. They are also working to ensure their safety. Abby is happy that it’s over, and she hugs Dominic. Jill encourages them to get up and leave the place.

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Jill, at Society, tells Lily that she is so happy to have her aboard. She wants to be sure that Billy is OK with all this but he doesn’t want to go over it again. Jill wants him understand why she started a bidding battle. It’s a business decision. Billy wants to discuss more important topics, such as making an announcement that Lily will be taking over Jill’s place at Chancellor Industries. Jill is impressed by his attitude but she’s far ahead of him. “Check your emails.” Billy learns that Jill is stepping down but will continue to serve as an advisor role, while Lily will take over the CEO position. Jill is pleased to hear that Billy has gotten over his anger and has something to share with them.

She told them about Chance offscreen and warned that it was not for public consumption because her grandson, as well as his family, could be in danger. Billy trusts him and that will help her keep her faith. Jill encourages him to keep his eyes on the future. She hopes that it will be a new beginning for them all and that something positive will result. Billy shares the same hope. Jill goes, and Lily and Billy talk to Abby about their happiness. Billy is also glad Jill made the announcement to let the world know what he does. It’s clear that Abby is a rising star. Lily is eager to visit the office and talk to employees. However, she must ask him if he is moving forward with his plans. He will not do anything until he has all the details worked out. As she walks, Billy tells Lily that he is proud of her. She looks at her back and stops in the doorway.

Devon and Amanda greeted Chance and Abby with hugs. Abby apologizes to Devon for worrying, and she marvels at how she proved them wrong. Chance is ready to meet his son. Devon nods. Abby assures Devon that Dominic will always be his father. Chance owes Devon his father role. They shake hands. Devon was there to help Abby start a family. No one could have predicted how it would turn out. He wants Abby to feel better than she was before she left. Chance is smiling as Abby kisses Chance.

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Victor arrives at Newman Media, and asks him: “Have I seen this?” He gives him a tablet. Victor believes it was a smart move by Jill to name Lily her successor. Adam wonders if she is trying to distance herself from her son. Victor says, “Ofcourse she is, he’s an idiot and she’s smart businesswoman.” Adam is concerned about the bidding battle. Victor agrees that it makes things more difficult. Adam questions Victor if he wants to still make a play at Chance Comm. Victor laughs, “We’ll be watching.” He is curious about how it will all play out but believes Adam would enjoy the challenge. He is certain Victoria will also join the bidding, even if it’s only to prevent them from gaining control. Victor is curious to see how far she will go to achieve what she wants.

Victoria and Nikki at Newman-Locke are absorbing the news about Lily. Nikki believes Victoria is worried about how Billy is handling it. He is probably not letting on, but she knows this is hurting him. She is glad that she sent the children to boarding school, as this could cause him to lose his way. Things could get very ugly.

Sally enters Society and sees Billy seated at the bar in deep thought. She approaches her and says, “Hey, heard it.” It’s gotta hurt.” Billy has had better days. Sally said, “You look like a company …”.”

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Jill arrives at the Chancellor Estate to ask Ashley for details about Spain. Chance could have made it possible to tell his family that he was alive. Ash says he didn’t want his family to be in danger. Jill believes he is lucky that Abby found him, and not Jill. Ashley jokes, “We all know that you are a softie.” Jill sighs. Jill sighs. She is tired of fighting, so she has decided to step down as Chancellor. “I’m ready for the laid-back matriarchal role in the family.” Ashley smiles and says, “Okay. Good luck with the laid-back part.

Billy has a big plan to get revenge on Adam!

Devon takes Dominic to the penthouse and gives him to Chance. Chance cradles Dominic. “Hey little man. Hey buddy.”

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