such A turbulent end to the year has not been seen with the Berlin polar bears for years. Last week, coach Clément was released Jodoin, after only five and a half months in office. This is so disappointing, because the hockey club from the capital had employed before Jodoin in the past sixteen years, only four different head coaches. On the average four years of the term of office of a polar bear-Trainer of the Canadians was not the most time in.

His Post has taken on a transitional basis, Stéphane Richer, in the main professional sports Director of the Berlin. His debut weekend behind the gang brought a 1:2 home defeat against the Augsburger Panther and have a 5:4 victory after the penalty shootout at the düsseldorf EC.

It is a massive confusion that currently reigns at the proud polar bear, the need to play from the self-identity in each year of the German championship. Seven titles from 2004 to 2013 have created a claim, the person responsible behind running now for five years. Also in this season, it is likely to be nothing to do with the championship in the German ice hockey League. Ninth, the polar bears have to fear rather the participation in the Play-offs. That Richer inherits the 66-year-old Jodoin as head coach, after he had him lifted in the summer in this Position, it is clear that the problems are of a structural nature.

The polar bears are part of the Anschutz Entertainment Group, which operates out of California and includes the Los Angeles Kings from the North American ice hockey professional League NHL. The Americans have their own understanding of how your sports business is Overseas, and only this point of view, coincide not always with the European practices. And there is the question of whether the spatial distance also brings a content with itself is always more. Successfully, the polar bears were always then, if the continuity prevailed at different positions. About Pierre Pagé, or Don Jackson over several years as the head coach acted. In the case of the succession of occupation of the managers did, however, always difficult. So it was with the unsuccessful Work of Jeff Tomlinson, who followed Jackson. And so it was now with Jodoin, who replaced Uwe Krupp.