The Visa quota for the relatives of refugees with limited protection status will not be exhausted this year. To award more visas in 2019, is not yet provided. A spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the interior, said: “There is no statutory Changes are planned.”

The Foreign office informed on demand of the refugee-political spokeswoman of the Green parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Luise Amtsberg, only the Federal government is trying, in cooperation with the countries still with high pressure, up to the 31. December as many decisions as possible. The processing of applications had been accelerated by intensive efforts of the last “clear”.

the Union and the SPD had agreed to legitimate the since March, 2016 exposed to family reunification “subsidiary Protection” to allow starting in August 2018. However, only 1000 members per month. As for the family reunification in addition, a new procedure was decided by the German Embassy and the foreigners authorities and the Federal office of administration involved in missions, had expected the government to start-up difficulties. Therefore, it should be for the first five months, a total quota of 5000 visas. By the end of November, however, only 1562 Visa had been issued. To the group of foreigners with a limited protection status of many civil war refugees from Syria.