finally, Anthony Vanden Borre (32) in order to be his friend Kompany to lend a helping hand. The play is training like a mad man and had lost it in the last three months, and eighteen pounds.

Vanden Borre are training for a week with the U21 for the purple-and-white. He does not participate in the competitions, but said people in his area and that he has “never worked so hard for it.

On his return to Brussels, he worked for Van for a long period of time, with two personal coaches, and up to 4.5 hours per day. That led to a huge loss. The medical and technical staff of Anderlecht and was very impressed with the physical tests. At this time, his speed on the treadmill and soon was increased to 18 km/h), a feat for which he is not worthy of a lot of team mates.

The next step in the program is to have muscular strength and recovery, because of the vermageringsproces, it is also the muscle balance in the body is changed.

the Purple-and-white, explains Vanden Borre is no pressure on it. He is, in any case, good-will, but it will not be a contract if he was one hundred percent right. Maybe he will still have a role to play in the second half or in the playoffs (1 of 2).

for More on Anthony Vanden Borre is Not the only Vanden Borre, also, Mogi Bayat, again to Anderlecht and What are the chances that Anthony Vanden Borre is still the highest level in Anderlecht? Anthony Vanden Borre is back at Anderlecht): “I don’t expect it, but I’m hoping that I can have my club, anything you can give back” in Anthony Vanden Borre’s like Romelu Lukaku welcome to Anderlecht