she loves the Opera. And they worshipped Jimi Hendrix. Therefore, the British musician Anna Calvi brings both preferences under a hat, if they composed only one Opera, and then a rock album recording, which you missed by the way the little lame Genre Rock a boost of energy and also the old-fashioned role of a male Guitar Slingers of the time according to the female occupied.

Christian Riethmüller

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

These expectations, the 38-year-old singer and guitarist met on stage at the Batschkapp in Frankfurt at the beginning, a shy beauty Back takes a while to load. Accompanied by drummer Alex Thomas and multi-instrumentalist Mally Harpaz you not just with the first notes of the banned on you Starr at the end of public power, but feels his way more carefully in the first Song, “Hunter”, the title track of their third, in the late summer of last year album. Of the following “Swimming Pool”, a quite successful attempt to capture the light that is reflected on a David Hockney-painted Pool, in the guitar tones came from.

creates sound spaces

This idea is followed in the composition, has told Calvi in an Interview, and thus their art is defined. Your virtuosity on your Instrument, you don’t live in a dizzying solos, or of the effect of capers, although you may such expect secretly in concert, maybe.


Much more likely conjures up the sound rooms, where it is dark and cold to go, the black-and-white, grainy film clips, to which shreds of Music from Television, Joy division or Nick Cave Songs sounded before this Rock Noir in blazing Red, and the former even shy woman on stage suddenly on your Instrument, a Fender Telecaster, pulling, jerking and twitching and whining, and whining, meanwhile, you yourself in the knee before the Eruption ends in an open chord but still harmonious.

Similarly, Anna Calvi proceed with their singing, the sounds time, operatic and downright theatrical, then back to dark, Deep fathoms, or completely clear in the highest regions of the wing. Melodic in the sense of catchy you don’t want to call Anna Calvi Songs to be sure, even if you would not have a tendency to Pop of the sixties, to the Wall of Sound Phil Spector or the sound of landscapes of Ennio Morricone’s certainly. The United Anna Calvi in their productions and sometimes sensuality, and cruelty, those poles, between which some of your songs back and forth zip.