Will June 6, 2024 be a public holiday? This is at least the proposal made by Christophe Blanchet, deputy for Calvados. The latter, very involved in memorial issues, would like to “sacralize” this date, which will mark the 80th anniversary of the Normandy landings.

In this letter, the deputy of the democratic group, is moved by the absence of youth during the last ceremonies. According to him, there was “simply class that day”. He therefore wants to anticipate the celebrations of 2024 which will be “without a doubt the last ten-year anniversary during which our veterans will still be with us and will be able to transmit their stories to the younger generations”.

By freeing the students from their school commitments, the deputy hopes to be able to attract them to the commemorations to celebrate the veterans of the Second World War, to perpetuate their memory and their history: “it is up to us now to educate the French to love France thanks to at these moments of patriotic contemplation”, as the elected official explains in his letter, relayed by France 3. These same veterans, for the vast majority will be centenarians in 2024. This is why the elected official insists: “we will not cry not only those who died for France, but we will also mourn those who are not there to continue to transmit our history”.

This famous letter, intended for the executive authorities, nourishes the hope of the elected official as to the potential outcome of this proposal. “I am in direct contact with the services of Emmanuel Macron and allow me to keep confidentiality for the moment. I let Emmanuel Macron’s cabinet manage the announcements that he could make on my proposal” answers Christophe Blanchet.