The heat has taken control of the territory. For several days now, temperatures have increased significantly over almost all of France. In several regions, they approached 30°C and sometimes even exceeded them.

Thus, for motorists, the temperature inside the passenger compartment is sometimes difficult to bear and air conditioning proves to be an effective solution. However, this is not flawless since, if it cools the interior of the car, it leads to a sharp increase in energy consumption.

Whether for electric or thermal cars, the battery or the tank will drain more quickly if the air conditioning is activated. Fortunately, there is a button that can provide significant savings in the summer.

This is the air recycling button represented by an arrow circulating inside the vehicle. On short journeys, it facilitates the work of the air conditioning and thus reduces fuel consumption by around 10%, reports CNews.

However, it should be activated sparingly and not in just any situation. Indeed, with this mode, the air is not renewed and is constantly recycled, cooling or heating according to the controls engaged.

Thus, it is advisable to use it only on short journeys because, for a long time, this mode can be dangerous and could cause carbon dioxide poisoning.