A state of emergency to 30. June – Ticino criticized fast opening because of the Ticino and the Ticino demonstrated their confidence in the authorities, must now also be traded in a responsible manner.oli/sda5 Kommentare5Polizisten distribute in Bellinzona leaflets to the tourists. The campaign “Welcome back to the Ticino: Distance and responsibility in the holidays” holiday raise the awareness of guests. (22. May 2020)photo: Ti-Press/Alessandro Crinari/Keystone

Little “practiced linear” easing steps, and a too rapid Opening of The Ticino cantonal government has on Thursday morning, criticism of the Federal Council. The allowed spontaneous gatherings of up to 30 people was hampered by the Contact Tracing, criticised health head Raffaele De Rosa.

The Federal Council have now increased the Tempo in the locker, but not all Decisions are “linear”, said President of the government, Norman Gobbi at the beginning of the media conference on Thursday morning. The Nightclubs are expected to open, as well as restaurants to close at midnight.

With the latest Figures on the pandemic in the Canton of Ticino Gobbi was satisfied. “Finally, a sun beam in the sky.” For several days there were hardly any newly-reported Infections and deaths.

to give After the Ticino had and the Ticino, as shown in the acute Phase of the crisis, trust towards the authorities and the measures of model followed, it is now up to the authorities, the population is a good feeling. It was necessary now to act responsibly. In Ticino, stay up to the 30. June the state of emergency imposed.

Gobbi repeated what had said Federal councillor Karin Keller-Sutter, on Wednesday afternoon: Switzerland plane no premature Opening of the borders in the direction of Italy. An opening date is currently being discussed, in consultation with Germany and Austria. From the age of 15. June the first steps in the direction of the Opening are conceivable – but there is still no fixed date, stated Gobbi on demand of a journalist.

“, Limited the free movement of persons”

What kind of medical checks at the borders was possible, was currently being investigated. The Federal Council had assured the Ticino cantonal government already second-to-last week of the course, all the opening steps closely involved.

To the specific next steps Gobbi say nothing. Sure, however, is that it will only be a “limited freedom of movement of persons” with Italy. Lombardy have a difficult time behind and Ticino must – also in the name of the local economy and the health system.

Systematic border controls at customs in Chiasso.Photo: Ti-Press/Davide Agosta/Keystone

On the question of the consequences for the Swiss returnees from Italy, said Gobbi, depending on the Situation of the pandemic a prescribed quarantine is conceivable. The Federal Council have expressed, however, only be very careful.

Despite the loose start of a critical Phase, held on to Gobbi. “We climb down from the mountain, which is always tricky.” Fear is a bad counselor. Better to be respectful of the Virus prevail.

Other experience of Ticino

Also, Raffaele De Rosa, head of the health Department who criticised the Federal Council. “I would have preferred, if Bern would have opted for the cautious route.” Specifically, the increase of the allowed spontaneous gatherings of people from five to 30 people is a big jump. The Contact Tracing is made difficult as a result.

De Rosa stressed that the Ticino have a different experience than the English – and French-speaking Switzerland. “We have learned the hard way how long it may take, until the Situation relaxes again.”

But the government push for a “accelerated Opening”. The Ticino health system was ready at any time, if the Infections should rise again, said De Rosa. Seven places to the intensive care unit, as well as 20 places in the normal Department are constantly Covid-19-patients reserved.

in Addition, a protection concept for more freedom of movement in and around the homes for the aged will be established. Room visits should be possible, and protective gear hugs are again conceivable, held De Rosa. The Covid-19 Check-Points in Canton and remained at least until 30. June is active.

two people in intensive care

the Canton of doctor Giorgio Merlani, who had shown in the past, it was often very worried, said this Thursday morning for the upcoming relaxations from. “I have to admit: On 11. In may I was worried in regards to the Opening.” But today – two and a half weeks later – is the Situation still stable. “We all now need to find to normal.” It is important to do this with the head.

Merlani, presented briefly the latest Figures: Currently, there are two people in Ticino, still in intensive care, 40 for more on the General ward or in Rehabilitation. The Tests for Coronavirus would constantly increase, said Merlani more. Last week, 290 people were tested, and only one percent of those Tested had been positive. “The Virus is there, but it is circulating currently, hardly.”

the Canton of representatives to a press conference after the first Corona-If in Ticino. (25. February 2020)please photo: Ti-Press/Pablo Gianinazzi/Keystone Comment Sign up to comment