“Plot Against America” A fascist is would have been US PräsidentWas, if the United States had in 1940, a fascist President? The series, “Plot Against America” by playing the scenario.Pascal Blum0 comment Charles Lindbergh (Ben Cole, l.) is calculated by using a Rabbi (John Turturro) to the President.

In his song “Frighteningly current” mocked Jens Friebe 2007 a cliché wording from the newspaper, he lists all sorts of banalities: “A leaf in the Wind / A German shepherd that barks / These images are Shockingly out of date.”

the entertainment industry is just as responsible for the fact that we get to do it all over again with familiar nightmares to. Or how else would explain that the “The Wire”-Creator Ed Burns and David Simon are now implementing the counterfactual novel “The Plot Against America”, after you have refused a similar offer in 2013? In the book, Philip Roth imagines what would have happened if the anti-Semitic Aviator hero Charles Lindbergh, and in 1940, Roosevelt instead of Franklin D. to US-President elected would have been.

the Parallels between The present and the story of the 2004 novel told, are so striking that one wonders why the actor is not equal to look at the camera and say: “Like Trump?” Charles Lindbergh (Ben Cole) is a media star and an isolationist of the “America First Committee”; the Hitler warns sympathizer before the war, participation of the USA and understands it, the hatred of the people boil. With his election, the distrust spread in the society, the Nation split the bubbles in two separate Information.

Philip Roth recalls in the novel to his own Childhood in Newark, New Jersey, when he experienced repeated attacks on Jews. The six-part mini-series is leaving to a large extent the child’s perspective of the book and focuses on the family of Levin, and how they experienced the growing anti-Semitism. The Parabola-like takes the material paradox of much of its sharpness, but the dialogues and the cast, with Winona Ryder, Zoe Kazan and John Turturro as a Rabbi, who concludes a Pact with the devil – are excellent.

Just in the cosmos of the Jewish family, it shows how difficult it is to capture the historical developments, if the political dispute belongs anyway to the living room everyday, where you exaggerate maybe once or asks if you say to yourself the hate just because you don’t want to believe that he can be so strong. Since the series is very concrete – and, indeed, frightening.

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