“Wounds heal” – Biden promises after Floyd’s death, the fight against RassismusJoe Biden, President-designate of the presidential candidate of the U.S. Democrats, is seeking police reforms and will prepare the “systematic racism” in the United States to an end.”We need justice”: Joe Biden.KEYSTONEDer designated presidential candidate of the U.S. Democrats want George Floyd’s brutal death and continued to take protests to the occasion for police reforms.Keystone, Floyd, had died on Monday of last week during a brutal arrest in the city of Minneapolis, state of Minnesota. KEYSTONE1 / 8

The designated presidential candidate of the U.S. Democrats, Joe Biden, wants to George Floyd’s brutal death and the ongoing protests take this as an opportunity for police reforms. In addition, he plans on making a determined fight against racism.

There is a need for “long-overdue concrete measures” to ensure the “systematic racism” in the USA, at the end, called Biden on Saturday (local time) published a guest contribution in the “Los Angeles Times”.

Biden also promised, as the US President in his first 100 days in office, a Commission for police reforms. On top of that, the US Congress should act now and controversial police methods, such as the bars in fixed, prohibit. Also, the Transfer of weapons and equipment the military had stopped at the police and the control of local security forces to be strengthened, challenged Biden.

healing the wounds

George Floyd should not be just another Hashtag, wrote to Biden on the same day on Twitter. “We need justice, and we need real police reform, to ensure that this never happens again.” In the USA, people were still because of their skin color in life is a risk, moreover, discrimination and inequality continued, he criticized. To columns instead of the US President Donald Trump, the country, and to incite hatred, he would seek to heal the wounds of racism, promised Biden.

“No President does everything right. But the country needs a leader that is not fear and division. A guide person who will seek to heal the wounds of racism that have followed our country for a long time, to stir up, rather than fan the flames of hatred,” it was said literally.

The 77-year-old Biden was Barack Obama’s Vice President. In the meantime, he is the only remaining candidate in the race for the presidential nomination of the Democrats. He is therefore on the 3. November against the Republicans and Trump compete.