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on October 12, 1952 in Sales it was the turning point on a situation that worried the fans, the “shaving” of the bulls, it is said that by then almost widespread. In Madrid it was announced a serious and cornalona running the Earl’s Court , which also turned out to be a paragon of bravery and nobility. What the hobby needed to argue that they could fight with art, and temple bulls principled, serious and astifinos.

That day of the Pillar, the cumshot of the Montepío of Bullfighters ended with Antonio Welcome, Juan Silveti and Manolo Carmona on the shoulders, but it was the head of the cartel who immortalized two sites for the memory, which gave him standing to launch a campaign in defense of the presence in the squares of the bull “clean”.

declarations of Antonio Welcome set fire to the winter to the point that farmers asked for a meeting with the director-general of Security to address the issue. On the 27th of November, the general Iron has received a representation from the breeders of the bulls, who have expressed their desire that the horn-flanked is lidiaran with their spikes, without the “shaving that is harmful and turns the Party into an imitation of what it should be.” Also set in the breastplate of the horse in your weight regulatory and modify the pujas, then with the old washer . So great was the uproar, that the director of Security transferred the matter to the superiority, as it exceeded its functions.

Bulls in points

Welcome had declared on ABC that “he was not willing more than to goad bulls in points, or not to fight, I quit and in peace.” For the dynastic right-handed, ” blame it all less than the entrepreneurs. The bullfighters for comfort in the absence of danger, of the ranchers, because they take the that can be imposed, and to the public that is fooled”.

“Can advertise the bullfights saying the state of the pythons, or embolados as in Portugal, what can’t be done in any case is to fight becerrotes desmochados and is to be considered matadors de toros”, apuntillaba, while acknowledging that the road taken would be of thorns.

To the figures of the time did not like the campaign, and vetoed to Welcome in the season of 1953 was acartelarse with right-handed second-row and with bullfighters of mexico. So until 3 may, it was announced in Madrid with The Choni and Cayetano Ordóñez with toros of Montalvo. In his chronicle, Giraldillo speaks of extraordinary hospitality. And that was precisely the journalist Manuel Sánchez del Arco, who from ABC supported the campaign for integrity. Next to the chronicle, published an editorial, titled “The voice of the fans…”, that left no doubt about the position of the journal. Appreciated the “standing ovation repeated with eloquent insistence” to Welcome you, “awarded the posture that the right-hander had in the sanitation campaign and return to your classic purity of the National Party”.

“to us as we admired this decisive vote of the people in madrid, because it was an endorsement of ostensible desires which our critical bullfighting has expressed endlessly in these columns in the times of the half-bull “, continued the editorial, which ended with “the urge to purify a feast of virile that was becoming mojiganga”, at the same time that it condemns “the statement by the professionals of the Feast of vetoes brazen and unfair to the public”.

The campaign was a serious touch of attention in favour of the integrity of the Party, a call that should be standing out of respect to the own Bullfighting and the fans.