The American Inlichtingencomité the document with the complaint, and released in a blow the whistle if the call of the president when He is with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodimir Zelenski. The American president would have been the Ukrainian colleagues have been asked to open an investigation against the son of Joe Biden, one of the most popular presidential candidates at this point in time.

“This place, it is a road map for our inquiry, and provides the commission with important information as to the other witnesses, and documents will follow,” said Adam Schiff, the democratic chairman of the committee for the opening up of the debate. “The people have the right to complain, and what do they tell you to see it.”

According to the Ship did He have ambseed to “shipped”, and he was a national security risk. It is said that the members of the committee will do their best to blow the whistle to protect it.

According to this whistleblower, who is also a member of the intelligence service, was in the White House, to the phone call in order to a minimum.

in The complaint have previously been reviewed by the members of the Inlichtingencomité of the House of Representatives. It’s a uitgetikte the text of the telephone conversation, the Us president, Trump, the Ukrainian president Volodimir Zelenski.

The U.s. president was there, in Zelenski has repeatedly called for a study to open up to Hunter Biden, son of Joe Biden. Recently, the government-Home-for $ 250 million in military aid to Ukraine will be frozen.

The bell ringer brings in his or her file and report an ” urgent concern’. He has, in his own words, from various sources of information, given that the American president is using his power in order to secure foreign intervention in the American elections, to ask the questions. He makes it very clear that we are talking about an investigation of a political rival of the president.

According to the whistleblower, was at the White House, it is immediately apparent that there were problems with the phone. There should be a discussion between the lawyers and the White House have been, as president, He may be using his power for personal gain.

the U.s. officials would, in the days of the phone call attempts have been made to the transcript to a cover-up. Because they knew that there were issues that would come up.

the White House responds:

The lawyers of the White House had a transcript of the conversation in a different computer and save it to the normal. They should be stored as a classified document that contain sensitive information. This is not the case with the normal hearing that have recordings at home, in a different system, where other people have access to them.

at The White House, meanwhile, has also already reacted to the announcement of the talks, and said the “hysteria” of the Democratic party and in the media in relation to the Ukraine for business to tackle.

“with The publication of the complaint, nothing has changed, she is nothing more than a collection of derdehandsverhalen, and press releases,” says Stephanie Grisham, woordvoerdster of the White House. “The White House, and the hysteria and the false interpretations given by the Democratic party and various media rondgebazuind continue to reject it”, she adds.

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