From Monday, June 13, the mercury will climb in France, to reach, in the middle of the week, worrying heights worthy of a heat wave.

The calendar summer is not even here yet when an intense heat wave will hit the territory between Tuesday and Saturday. The expected temperatures will flirt with 40°C. This is a record for mid-June.

“This heat wave is due to a localized depression between the Azores and Madeira, in the Atlantic Ocean, which favors the upwelling of hot air over Western Europe”, explains the Parisian.

For its part, Météo France indicates that the heat wave thresholds could be reached, or even exceeded.

You only have to look at the forecasts to be convinced.

This week, the nights will be hot and the days torrid, everywhere on the territory.

Rare are the departments which will not reach, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, 32 or 33°C.

“It will definitely be a scorching heat wave since some regions will experience at least 3 consecutive days of strong heat with temperatures 5 to 15°C higher than average, often between 20°C at night and more than 35 °C during the day”, specifies the site of the Weather Channel.

The heat will be particularly unbearable between Thursday and Saturday. On Friday, “the regions north of the Seine will in turn be affected by these exceptionally high temperatures. It will be, with the day of Saturday, the hottest day of the week”, continues the specialized site.

For now, neither showers nor thunderstorms seem forecast to put an end to this drought.

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