Accompanied by rainy weather, the Hesse start in the new week. On Monday there may be in higher elevations and in the North snow rain and snow, in the lowlands and in the South, rain falls, such as the German weather service (DWD) said on Sunday before. In the mountains strong blow to stormy gusts. The maximum temperatures are between 5 and 7 degrees in the mountains at 1 to 5 degrees. On Tuesday night, the temperatures go back to 2 to minus 3 degrees, in the higher layers is to be expected with snow and ice.

On Tuesday, the rainfalls are expected to cease largely, but it remains very cloudy. The maximum temperatures are 3 to 6 degrees, in the mountains around the freezing point. In the night of Wednesday, widespread smoothness prevails again, the danger due to freezing rain or snow in the mountains. Similarly drab is presented to the weather, according to the DWD, on Wednesday, even if it is from the South, he gives a couple of loosening.