Virus-free in new Zealand The Prime Minister is dancing in front of friends deals first Nation, with more than a thousand Covid-19-cases, has declared new Zealand on Monday to have the Coronavirus defeated. Head of government Jacinda Ardern has declared the end of the lock downs.Bea Emmenegger0 comment visibly Jacinda Ardern is pleased: at the media conference on Monday, it announced the lifting of all restrictions, except of the entry ban for foreigners. Photo: Mark Mitchell , “New Zealand Herald” ( AP, Keystone )

you’ve shown the message to her daughter Neve, and was in the living room danced around. “She had no idea why I did that, but she has participated and been happy about,” said Jacinda Ardern to the press conference on Monday, you announced that new Zealand virus-free. It was typical Ardern: The 39-Year-old, since 2017, the Prime Minister, is not afraid of feelings and to address and show, is approachable and empathic, takes place after natural disasters and terrorist attacks the right words.

What is claimed to be the head of government and a two year old daughter to Dance: the last one with The Coronavirus infected Person in the country, a woman in her fifties from Auckland, will show for 48 hours with no symptoms and is regarded as healed. New infections had not given it for 17 days. Of the day, the scientists and government representatives hinfieberten, was 101 days after the first case, earlier than expected.

Strict border control remains

The Ministry of health originally had the 15. June as a “Ausrottungstag” in the visor, because then 28 days would have elapsed since the last quarantine ended in the country. However, since this period, according to Nick Wilson, a specialist in public health at the University of Otago, first, very careful, and secondly, by the Ministry itself had been increased in the last few days, the political pressure on Ardern, to end the Lockdown.

Since Monday, zero o’clock, he is there, everything is allowed, only the strict border control remains in place: Only new Zealanders and their closest relatives are allowed to enter, and you have to go for 14 days in quarantine, organized and paid for by the government. This was at the beginning of the Lockdown, the on 25. March began, a number of tourists were just arriving, still. They were housed in Hotels and so well cared for that a Few from the United States even started a food blog about it.

new Zealander to diary

The Lockdown was imposed after 200 infections had been registered. The number of Infected rose never over 1500, at Covid-19 killed 22 people. The new Zealander held house arrest: According to Google data, you would have moved much less outside the home than people in Australia, the UK or the USA, writes “the Guardian Australia”. Jacinda Ardern put it this way: “Our collective result speaks for itself. Our Team of five millions has brought this sacrifice in order to keep each other safe and healthy.”

The “Team of five millions” was Arderns name for their country people during the Corona-crisis. She wanted to create a sense of community and for the observance of the Lockdown rules to advertise. In fact, a survey in April showed that 88 percent support of the population for the measures. Ardern has no small share. She turned almost every day to the population, also on Facebook, and ended all their speeches with the words: “be strong. Be kind.” Now they urged their country people to keep a diary, to be able to contagions back track. Because it will again give infections, she said, the lie in the nature of the Virus. However, with closed borders, it was currently no longer an issue, people should go out, have Fun, your country better get to know – and boost the economy.

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