no longer Is it a Tradition that the bishopric of Fulda brings forth its bishops themselves, and they therefore “imported”? In 1983, the Cathedral Chapter decided in favour of the African Monrovia in Liberia, the acting Pope, diplomats, Johannes Dyba. After his sudden death, the Cathedral Chapter convened in the year 2000, the Paderborn auxiliary Bishop Heinz Josef Algermissen to Fulda. Since Algermissens age-related retirement in June of this year, the 64-year-old auxiliary Bishop Karlheinz Diez, is in charge of the diocesan Administrator of the diocese, but as a Algermissens successor the 48-year-old auxiliary Bishop Michael Gerber, who comes from Freiburg. The Cathedral Chapter or the Vatican put out, a new Bishop from the outside worry more for new beginnings and Motivation?

Perhaps it proves to be fatal, that the concordat of 1929 between the free state of Prussia and the Holy see, in an important Detail from the concordat between the Land of Baden and the Vatican of 1933, as amended. In contrast to this, it’s forcing – out of the Fulda diocese spokesman, Christoph without a care expressly to take the Roman congregation for Bishops, at least, a priest from the diocese of Fulda on the “Terna”. This list comes from Rome, and called three names, those of the Curia are acceptable; you may, however, also, the Chapter needs to select the Bishop. The congregation for Bishops, the Vatican could have personal suggestions of the Fulda Cathedral Chapter, legally ignored, it did so in 2014 before the elections to the new archbishops of Freiburg, and Cologne. In the cases of Fulda and Cologne, the Bishop’s congregation could be reduced with ” no ” to the proposals of the Cathedral Chapter even with all the other clergy of the two dioceses of the thumb and a single one of them on the Terna.

confidence create

diocese of speaker without worry would not or could not say to the Freiburg-based newspaper “Badische Zeitung”, which staff has submitted proposals to the Chapter of Fulda, the Apostolic Nuncio Nikola Eterovic. Therefore, whether and, if so, what are the clerics called it as “their own” preferred candidate, and whether the letter to the Nuncio in Berlin, the name of the German episcopate have been found, such as that of the Freiburg suffragan Michael Gerber. But what is certain is that the Vatican to Gerber found love, Yes him, maybe even favoured. Because the Chapter would not be able to select the theologian, if his Name had not been on the Terna. As the youngest of the 27 German bishops Gerber is also the host of the autumn plenary of the German bishops conference in Fulda meetings.

With the 2007 in theology with a doctorate priest Fulda wins shepherds a top, the grizzled, pastoral little inspiring acting and the abuse scandal is particularly damaged German episcopate for a long time prospects will be certified. The chief days of the Freiburg Ordinary speculated since September, “that Gerber could have in Fulda a Chance”. As the Freiburg Cathedral Chapter of 2014, chose the 52-year-old Canon Stephan Burger, Archbishop, responded in Gerber, with the remark that he was going to be auxiliary Bishop “for 30 years”. Now, however, the choice of the tall, ascetic-thin, unassuming and yet self-conscious priest to the Bishop of Fulda, and his appointment by Pope Francis no longer apply, not only in Freiburg the clergy have long been considered a Surprise.

first Freiburg auxiliary Bishop since 1829

Michael Gerber, since 1829 the first Freiburg auxiliary Bishop, of the power in another German diocese of career. He comes from the medium-Baden, the town of Oberkirch and studied in Freiburg and at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome. He speaks English, Italian, and from its involvement in Bolivia and in Chile as well as Spanish. After his priestly ordination in 1997, and three years as vicar, he became chaplain of the Catholic University municipality of Freiburg, 2001, the head of the Seminary “Collegium Borromaeum”, and in 2011 the rain. In 2013, Pope Francis appointed him as auxiliary Bishop.

Michael Gerber instead of counts for the “nice community”, the revered especially Maria. Often be a good wire is to be commended to young people. This is also why he is missing Archbishop Stephan Burger “as an auxiliary Bishop in the future, unfortunately”. But Burger is happy for the diocese of Fulda, you’ll have “a Bishop, with much commitment, joy, and theological competence the glad tidings to bring the people close and ways to go with his new diocese in the future and you will make”.