Video review of the movie Bumblebee: The Girl is an engineer


    A more expressive car has long may not a cinema camera and more paint: The lights in the little yellow face with the folding sensors at the top right and to the left of the vertex can sell by means of eye lids angle blink signal more warmth and cuteness as a throw net kitten videos, and even the battle mask that slides occasionally over-cute face, tells a rather cuddly determination with anger or blood thirst.

    by Dietmar Dath

    editor in the features section.

    F. A. Z.

    it’s No wonder that the girl Charlie falls in love with this melancholic metal soldiers, has forgotten that he comes from a far away planet where a citizen rumbles of war between two robot races, namely the upright Autobots and the abgefeimten Decepticons – for more details see “Transformers” on the Internet. Charlie is bursting with charm, the twenty-two year old Hailee Steinfeld sprayed in thousands of T-Shirts and shot by all Action until you understand: This girl is amazing.

    The Autobot, the Charlie “Bumblebee” baptizing, is the suitable anvil, disguised as a bright yellow VW beetle. The steel hard yet supple love for each other, and forging these two together, is not always patient and kind, eifert, not driving, not wantonness, puffed up, behaves not unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not provoked, is not to be attributed to Evil, is happy about injustice, but rejoices in the truth and flourishes in the Film for the first Time, to “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood, so that the audience buckled up: If this is not a Christmas movie, this year, there’s neither Christmas nor movies.

    My own Terminator!

    “Shape of Water” for the washing street, the Romeo and Juliet of the guard rail: While Edward Furlong in 1991, had in “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” and Thomas Dekker between 2008 and 2009 in “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” yet her justice, an anthropomorphic fighting machine to jacks to animate the underline (“My own Terminator!”), tinkering Charlie to your Hummel is from the Verb in English, this means “to tinker,” which is always translated with “tinkering”, where you fold the tissue paper or textile works, thinks, while a padded lens pouch case is a Person who is familiar with fine mechanics (such as the Fairy “Tinkerbell”, from disney’s “Peter Pan”complex, especially since they are for computer-generated animated films re-animated).

    Charlie, the Ingenieurgör, stands for a, na, we say: body model change within the “transformers”film series: After three and a half garages full of the noise of ham, each of pompous, stupid, and boring as all the previous, but have played about blechzig idiot millions of dollars to, now, back to the origins, that is to say: to driving of the variety directly to children’s heart rate of stories to sell in the eighties, for the first time, started, toys, helicopters Race cars, jet fighters or tanks daily, which could be converted to chunky robots, and vice versa.

    The period, in the “Bumblebee” plays, can be easily guessed: Ronald Reagan’s portrait still hangs in the American offices, every week kobolzt the alien Alf by the telly, and The Smiths still sound fresh (even if already so terrible as what your singer Morrissey has been involved).