Brussels –

The RAILWAY is in course of an internal investigation launched into the heavy handed action of the two agents, who is an old man with a train to catch up. A video of the intervention was massively shared on social media.

In the first film, which is a treinreizigster Sunday night for a while, and the older man in the aisle of the train, framed by two agents of the Securail. The situation derails completely and the man is a grip made by one of the police officers.

The agent has a mane, and the man to be calm, and ask him to take the train to leave. A woman who is in the scene to see, trying to intervene. “Stop, you, do, that man is in pain. It’s going to be an old man, as you will see, right?”, “says the woman. The claim of the lady, however, falls on deaf ears.

The old man calls out suddenly, “Shabbat Shalom,” which is an invitation to rest and be at peace, but even that may be futile. “I just want to take the train. I’ve got a plan”, said the man to the police officers. That will keep him in a grip to hold, and ask questions of the board, and that there are plenty of trains to Brussels Central station.

The scene played itself out in the railway station brussels north Station.

In the second video you can see how the man is, ultimately, the train has been removed and is on his stomach on the platform, while the two officers to him, on the ground to push. “I was really in a state of shock,” says the woman in the video on Twitter and posted. There it is, the video already has more than 65,000 hits. “This old man had a subscription to it, but because he was homeless, he was treated aggressively by Securail. He was, at a certain point, even hard to breathe.”

in the video, however, doesn’t show what happened prior to the involvement of the police officers. It is possible that the man in the ticket will not be valid. “But that’s no reason to act”, respond to them, the people in the video.

At the RAILWAY, they were short on details. “We have been in the movie, indeed, and an internal investigation was launched”, says the spokesperson Bart Crols. ‘These are things we take very, very seriously.”