It all started in 1993 for Vanessa Demouy. At that time, the former star dancer turned to modeling before taking her first steps as an actress in the Class mannequin series on M6. An incredible springboard for the one who played Linda for 120 episodes on screen, followed by millions of viewers.

Propelled into the spotlight with this role, Vanessa Demouy has yet experienced a complicated period. “I experienced my notoriety very badly, I was not prepared”, admitted the actress in the show Le Reflet du Miroir in September 2019 on YouTube. “It was a tsunami, I got lost, it was quite destructive… I was too young, not ready, not sufficiently surrounded by the people of the team, who, too, were a little overwhelmed by the Class Mannequin phenomenon. It was a very violent start, and very chaotic”, she continues facing Camron Lamart.

Daughter of a former model turned agency director, the actress also faced other obstacles. “On the part of the profession, I sometimes had quite violent things. The theater was a kind of dream, but which was forbidden to me”, indicated the star to our colleagues. However, by dint of ambition and determination, Vanessa Demouy has managed to find a place for herself among the leading faces of the small screen.

From her appearances in Central Nuit, Joséphine guardian angel and Camping Paradis, without forgetting her role as Rose Latour in Tomorrow belongs to us and Here everything begins, Vanessa Demouy is very adored by fans. After almost 30 years of career, the forties does not seem to be afraid of the passage of time, quite the contrary. “It doesn’t do anything special to me. It doesn’t stress me out more than that,” assured the mother of the family last January in the pages of Nous Deux.

“At 49, you can’t look like you were at 20. And that suits me very well. Today, I’m much more comfortable with my femininity, with my body”, continued the ex-wife of Philippe Lellouche for our colleagues. Back to her “model years” with an anthology of vintage photos of Vanessa Demouy, through our slideshow.