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The Autonomous Communities expand the capacity of their respective plazas de toros in the so-called new normal, that will come from the 21st of June, in the whole of Spain with the order of the state of alarm in which he has been immersed the country for more than three months by the crisis of the coronavirus.

The guys bullfighting could have reopened their doors in the phase 2 of the desescalada , but the harsh restrictions of capacity, with the nine square metre tax between spectator and spectator, made it unfeasible to the organization of the show from the business point of view.

But now, in the great majority of the autonomies, that measure has disappeared, and only sets out a maximum percentage of capacity (between 50 and 75 %) and, only in some cases, a cap on the numerical of attendees, though the general trend has been to not impose them and to appeal only to those sanitary measures of safety to maintain the social distance and, if necessary, the use of masks.

These new measures for the reactivation of the sector taurine have been published by all of the autonomous regions except for Asturias, with the only stronghold of bullfighting of the newly-canceled feria de Gijón ; Catalonia and the Canary islands, where this is not bulls for many years, more so in the case of the archipelago; the Balearic islands and La Rioja, although it is expected that this latest to announce its plan of action the next few days.

The new legislation recognizes only the shows in bull rings, ignoring, for the moment, the so-called popular festivities in the street, we do not have a capacity control, of moments have been suspended in all regions, except in the Basque Country, where yes can be done but fulfilling the measure of a meter and a half and with mandatory use of face masks.

These are the steps detailed for reopening the bullrings in the “new normal” of each autonomous community:

Community of Madrid : The bullrings of the region may be open at 60% of its capacity, and from 6 July, will be extended to 75 %, no pick up no limit spectators, who, however, must remain seated and keep a metre and a half away from security or, if not, the mandatory use of face masks.

– Castile and León : The bullrings will reopen by up to 75 % of capacity, with seats preassigned and without restrictions of number of viewers.

– Andalusia: The guys in the bullfighting arena of all the andalusian provinces, will open at 50% of capacity, with pre-assigned seats and no limit of viewers, which, however, should safeguard all the measures of hygiene and safety set by the authorities,

– Valencian Community: The squares of the bulls will be able to open to 50 % from day 21, but with a maximum of 800 people.

– Aragon: 50% To be able to reopen also Aragon squares of bulls, with a limit of 1,000 spectators, which could be expandable moderately prior authorization.

– Extremadura: With a model very similar to that of Madrid, the places of extremadura, will be open from tomorrow, Sunday, at 50 % of its capacity, and from 1 August will be extended to 75 %.

does Not contain a number top of spectators, which should go to the bulls with mask and avoiding crowds at the entrance and exit of the enclosure. It will also prevent the output on the shoulders of the bullfighter.

– Castilla-La Mancha: The guys from la mancha may return to the activity to 75 %. In this case nor adds to a certain limit of people.

– Murcia: In the region of murcia the bull rings also open up to 75 %, but with a maximum limit of 500 people, that, as in the case of Aragon, might be expandable by means of an authorization on the part of the authorities, and a plan of prevention on the part of the organiser.

– Basque Country: The bullrings will reopen to the 60 % provided that seats are preassigned and with a maximum of 1,000 people, which will be distributed evenly by the lines. It will not be mandatory to use face masks at least, which can ensure the safety distance of a meter and a half.

– Navarre: The guys in navarre may re-open at 75 %.

– Cantabria: Also here the squares reopened to 75 %, but with a maximum cap of 1,000 spectators.

Madrid: The guys bullfighting in the region, may return to activity but at 50% of its capacity and with a maximum of 800 people.