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Real Madrid has lodged a verbal complaint to the League by not having the minimum of 72 hours of distance between a party and another, as stipulated in the agreements with the unions, with FAITH and with the international union footballer, FiFPro.

The employer’s football team has decided the schedules of two days more and the Real Madrid only will have 64 hours of margin between the game against Getafe, the day 2 of July, Thursday, at ten the night, in the stadium, Di Stefano, and the visit to the Athletic, Sunday, July 5, at two in the afternoon.

Real Madrid will rest 131,5 less that Barcelona compared to its direct rivals in matches that are already scheduled. There are more than five days less of rest on the opponents of each day. The leader stresses that there was no talk of this issue

The leader has already endured during these days the pressure to always play after Barcelona, knowing the outcome of his maximum rival for the title, and now it is with this lack of free time . Ramos, touched, only suffers a strong blow.

But the discriminatory treatment against the Catalan club is even greater. While Real Madrid has to 95.5 hours less rest in total compared to the rivals it faces, the team of Setién wins 35,5 hours of sleep on their adversaries. The difference in break between the title contenders is 131 hours. The defending champion has five more days of rest that the current leader in this comparison.

The Real Madrid argues that there was no talk of this issue, which is quite significant, and it hurt him considerably. is Zidane, who today is 48 years old , covers this issue with rotations. As he did when he won the League in 2017. Has used nineteen players in three days. Tomorrow, against Mallorca, will give another twist.