the Voters of the Vlaams belang, are not a troll. It’s Theo Francken, who’s to say. The N-VA head apologizes on Tuesday on his Facebook page, on the extreme right-wing voters, as of Monday, after the introduction of the Flemish coalition agreement, chuckled over the “all-VB-trolls,” who was so quiet was.

After that, the Flemish informateur Bart De Wever, after the election, long discussions aanknoopte with Vlaams belang, they were, according to many observers, in his introductory memorandum, the fingerprints of Tom Van Grieken and co. Especially in the area of inclusion and integration. A lot of the points in the note are the Flemish coalition agreement, is to be found.

“Tiens, all of which are for VB-the trolls have been so quiet, exactly, you know Francken, Monday, on Facebook, in which the N-VA there are a lot of angry reactions. It spurred him on Tuesday to apologize. “For the sake of clarity, I will call it the VB-voters are not a troll. There is, however, a small proportion have been very active on my Facebook page. Name as a Traitor! Thief! Liar! Postjespakker! ” are the order of the day as well. This aggressive getrol of a few to ruin the whole atmosphere of my home page. Of that group, viseerde I”, it is necessary to flow back now.

The former secretary of state, is to say that is also to be regretted that there is not a government with Vlaams belang, on the streets, it is brought up. “I don’t understand is that many people are angry and frustrated because we are not a government with SF, have been made. I did not see it, but there was not a majority vote, to make it as Open VLD and CD&V would prefer the former washroom in the position held and to hold.”

Francken, defends, however, the Swedish government agreement. It is, according to him, the firm, the Flemish and the centrumrechts, to name a few. “I had a clear signal is given, on the 26th of may, and is now, to the best of my ability to be converted into a policy. Perfect it’s not, but it is not only the coalition, that is.”
More about the N-VA, Job, environment, justice, social integration, mobility,… It is a Ham and I plan on in Flanders, and in this way you will feel less and Less a fight, more producers are looking for, but also the ministers in control: it can be even more difficult than it seems to be either Unemployed, working, elderly, students… is an indication of the action of Ham (I for you to ANALYZE. What kind of party is the big winner of the negotiations?