Ever dreamed of meeting Bob Hartley and Louis-Paul Fafard-Allard? To eat at Raymond’s snack bar? This will be possible this summer in a brand new immersive journey which will be presented by Just for Laughs, and which will be a kind of life-size journey inside the head of François Pérusse.

A show directed by Guillaume Lambert, interactive animations and installations will punctuate the People’s Crossroads, which will be inspired by the hundreds of capsules and characters created by François Pérusse over the decades.

“If, at the beginning of my career, I had been told that one day my capsules would be the subject of an outside show, I would have had a hard time believing it. But that we also make it a complete district, I would not have believed it. Thank you Just for Laughs Montreal! I can’t wait for the sequel (Megacenter and airport), “said the ineffable comedian in a press release.

Le Carrefour du peuple will be presented from July 20 to 29 on the Esplanade of Place des Arts.