In The smartest man in the world , they have a Thursday night-Flor Decleir, welcomed a son on Jan. He played for a ‘Big Dirk in the comedyreeks , Geub, , Philippe Geubels. His chances to play against seasoned players, Astrid Stockman, and Sebastien Dewaele as to achieve, he believes, small. However, he also has a good dose of wisdom: “A true Scotsman wears nothing under his kilt, except for the lipstick.” And he gets a very special trick up his concentration to maintain it.

best prices.

Erik Van Looy: . “is it True that the game has been in the past, as a child, in the womb of the Jan to the Day-st Nicholas was to look at it and not put two and two together that he was santa Claus did it?”

the Flor Decleir: . “At some point, but I think I was sixteen when I put two and two together.”


Erik Van Looy: . “What do you, Flor Decleir?”

Rik Verheye: “The only child, I am sure that this is really in the bag of santa Claus in the past. So, I’m not really much of a difference.”


the Flor Decleir: “is A true Scotsman wears nothing under his kilt. Except for the lipstick.”

Rik and Wim, throw a rap song together, with, Their, World, and Astrid. Video: I-FOUR.

The most Beautiful moment.

For a lot of applicants this means that the finale is even more stress, just time to mopjes to do. Not the Flor Decleir. In the middle of the final round he suddenly with a pair of sunglasses on top, and he puts it on. “Focus.” For the last question, he will do it again. And from time to time. Sebastien Dewaele was able to not have some of the VRT’s radio ochtendshow and has been played to the end.

And all of a sudden turn on Flor Decleir, a pair of sunglasses in the final round. Video: I-FOUR.

Laughing, screaming, and crying (literally) with the members of the jury, Wim & Henry. Video: I-FOUR.

and The winner of Thursday night.

Astrid’s Seemingly spent the whole night in the lead, and he is not out of your hands. The best player of this season so far.

The loser of Thursday night.

Sebastien Dewaele know, three times in the finals goes on to win it. It was the fourth time he had to be removed from the game for a co-actor, Flor Decleir, a son, Jan. The title of the ochtendshows at the VRT (flemish radio and have him genekt.

The new person on Monday.

the Singer and front man of the Bazart, Mathieu Terryn.


the Astrid Stockman (8 episodes).

the Modern Vanwezemael (6 episodes).

Philippe Geubels: (5 episodes).

Sebastien Dewaele (4 episodes)

Natalia (3 episodes)
find out More about The world’s smartest man, Wim Helsen shows, Rik Verheye as to why he is a good, Callboy, would have been, with the artist’s name and the words, Gert Verhulst, was also furious at James, Cooke, and after an intimate revelation in The world’s smartest man”, “That was so embarrassing,” George and James have arguments about the toilet: “It was almost the end of our friendship,” “Good policy takes will go wrong in the finale, and lots of fun by Jérôme has to be punished, “The smartest man in the world”