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“The UNESCO denies the information that appeared on the bullfighting. No State has submitted an application related to your entry in the #PatrimonioInmaterial of Humanity. There has been No nomination to any study, therefore, also no decision”. With this tweet, Unesco refuted the news appeared in some media, such as the “Public” or the Sixth, where they stressed the enthusiasm of the groups antitaurinos to a news story that never was. is A dream animal. A fake news more related to animalism.

standing committee Ivan Round against the misinformation already has a job to deal with this hoax… There is nothing new that the spreading of inaccurate information, and malicious against the Party of the bulls, by copying dots and commas of the communications sector animalistic. Clear that the controversy began when the Association Taurine Parliamentary, presided over by William Cardenas, requested in writing that the recognition of bullfighting as intangible heritage. Unesco has reminded us that this request can only make it to the States and has made it clear that no State has done so . In other words: neither the Government of Spain or any other have asked for this statement.

“Unfortunately, the AIT presented its account of a writing which lacks legitimacy as it is not covered by a State, which was discarded before discussion. is A goof , we will”, indicate from Land Bullfighting . “False. This is called spreading misinformation. Thank you for rectifying”, added from the above-mentioned account of André Viard (at the front of the Observatory, bullfighting, French), citing a tweet from “The Country”, which is also echoed.

“what do we do now @el_pais @publico_es @ErnestoEkaizer @AmparoRubiales…? Scoundrels, who are a few scoundrels,” wrote the critic of bullfighting Catalan Paco March . Many fans lamented the attack on the Party with the (non) news.

With or without a “Ministry of Truth”, the disinformation continues. The “fake news” (anti)taurines are of fine appearance humongous.

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