In a conversation in which there is sincere and open-minded attention, be listened to, and where do you find it? With Remote Staff, there are over 600 volunteers in the matter. Anneleen is one of them. She teaches us about the healing power of listening to work. “Sometimes, it happens that I have a week of vacation to take, and I miss it.”

Anneleen has been working for more than 15 years of age to work as a volunteer at the Remote Location. One day a week she takes it to the president for a period of four hours, to the people, great and small, need to listen to. “Whether you are dealing with a very, very big or small the problem is, it doesn’t matter. The fact that you have to make the call, it means that you need to have a listening ear,” she said. “When we are here for you 24 hours on 24 for a discussion, in which, without prejudice and with the empathy to listen. End-of-the-box solutions that we can offer. However, a discussion of the person-to-person. Often it feels like the person is at the end, relieved, and understood.”

most of The people who have to rely on Remote Staff call in because they have a relationship, or have health problems. But it’s because they feel lonely. “We have seen over the past few years, and that’s being lost in our society is increasing, both with young and older people. Social media has made it a lot easier to get in contact with one another to act on it, but they have the loneliness, is certainly not eliminated. Sometimes it happens that someone calls just because the person is already in a couple of days alone, just to agree with someone to want to talk about.”

over The past few years, calling people in, not only that, they have a chat as well. “A conversation with the Remote so anonymously. Talk to someone you don’t know, it may help to express your feelings. In a conversation, that is, anonymity is still a little bit further. Just that you can drempelverlagend work and invite people to tell their stories without restraint, to tell you.”