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The three ministers of Economy, which had shown interest for the office of president of the Eurogroup, the Spanish Nadia Calviño , the luxembourgish Pierre Gramegna and the irish Paschal Donohoe , presented yesterday his candidacy to the secretariat of the institution, before the end of term prescriptive. If the vice-president Spanish has been made to wait, their competitors have even taken longer, because they have been sent almost at the edge of the 5 of the afternoon, when it was closed formally the term for it.

The election is planned for the meeting of July 9, and will be as simple as a majority vote. That is to say that you need the vote of ten of the nineteen countries that use the single currency , regardless of its size, the vote of Germany is worth the same as that of Estonia. The position has a term of two and a half years , is renewable once and is bound to the condition of being minister of the Economy, so that in some way his presence in the cabinet of your country is extraordinarily reinforced.

The only contender for real Calviño would be the irish, that can invoke the special condition that it is their country after the departure of the United Kingdom. However, the fact that Donohoe has been nominated at the same time as aspiring to the european candidate, to the World Trade Organization (WTO) weakens something your options for the Eurogroup.

The irish belongs to the popular family, so that it is easy to deduce that in a pulse with Calviño, listed as a socialist, everything is going to play in the orders of the governments of the EPP , in case you have one. If Germany convinces other popular government that it is better for all that the Spanish Executive is an anchor is strong with the orthodoxy european , it is very possible that you succeed in convincing more than one.

In Brussels gives Calviño by favorite, precisely because they believe that it is the most effective way to insert a pole of orthodoxy in the womb of a coalition Government in which the representatives of we Can not inspire a lot of sympathy. Calviño would be the first woman to exercise the office, relayed to the other socialist (Mario Centeno) that has not wanted to renew his mandate and has a spotless reputation in the community institutions.

Each time you will have to choose the president of the Eurogroup as a consequence of the thesis of to make the office a permanent institution so that it is not one of the ministers of Economy. The Commission’s dream is to achieve that is the basis of the Eurogroup with the Directorate-General of Economy, so that the commissioner of Economic Affairs is also the president of the Eurogroup. Apart from the legal complications, because the Commissioner represents all of the countries and by now are not all in the single currency, the governments don’t like to transfer so much power to the executive community and prefer to continue maintaining the control over the aspects that are more symbolic.

For this reason, the presidency of the Eurogroup exerts only a coordinating role in the discussions and consensus building between countries that have visions disparate. In this sense, Donohoe has a reputation as a good mediator, to be able to build bridges between different sensitivities, while the Spanish minister -who probably lives in a dichotomy very uncomfortable in their own Government – which has a reputation as being very ambitious. is The real mediation that makes Calviño is with the partners of Pedro Sanchez , whose views on the economy are not only contrary to his own, but surely incompatible.

In the present circumstances, when everything depends on european aid to lift the economy, the presence of the president of the Eurogroup in the council of ministers of the Tuesday in The Moncloa would not leave much room for maneuver anyone to anyone.