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“we Spent 12 years building Airbnb and we have lost almost everything in a matter of 4-6 weeks”. So powerful has been shown to Brian Chesky , the CEO of Airbnb, on the impact that has had on his business and in the tourism sector the coronavirus.

The company, which was preparing its ipo and is now in the air, facing an uncertain future due to restrictions by the pandemic as well as by the fear of flare-ups. “ tourism as we knew it has ended. I don’t want to say that the travel has been completed, but that the model that we knew has died and will not come back”, argues the CEO of Airbnb, in an interview on CNBC, in the united States.

people want to get out, but to be safe . Don’t want to hop on a plane, or traveling for business, or crossing borders”, has been deepened, and after you explain that the trend will lead to a more tourism domestic and local , close to the major urban centres, or without leaving the country. For example, the figures that manages the platform in Spain, between 24 may and 6 June, saw more national reserves during the same period in 2019, support his prognosis.

“So now we’re going to do is get in the car, drive a few miles to a small community, or city, and stay in a house,” says Chesky, who, during the interview, he acknowledged that the number of bookings between the end of may and June in the united States is similar to that of a year ago.

The CEO of the platform suggests that the market views the figures, “it seems that is recovering,” , but look askance at the consequences that may have new outbreaks and the confinement. “We are recovering faster than we thought, but I don’t want to have false hopes “, warns the time that alerts you that your company is not “absolutely out of danger.”