The plan Camavinga to come to Madrid in 2021


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Eduardo Camavinga, 17 years old, midfielder, it is the feeling of the French League which began closing before the anger of many clubs. Is a midfielder magnificent, raw power. And their longing, would be exposed to the television of Rennes, your club, is clear: “to Sign for Real Madrid”.

The player has offers and Rennes do not want to go this year because they played the Champions league next season. It has been noted by Real Madrid on many occasions and presents a positive report. Another issue is the price and if you could come, either now or next year, whenever the player would like and the Rennes chose Real Madrid.

Has played 36 matches, scored a goal, has given three and has prevented tens of dangerous attacks of the opponents, is his best virtue

The address of Zidane in the Spanish club is a point in favor, because all the French look at Varane, Mendy, Benzema , the French who have come here have adapted well, and the psychology of Zidane it is important to know how to integrate it. Eduardo Camavinga would love to get with Zinedine at the helm, because he knows that you would have the games needed to evolve.

Pivot, 17 years, Eduardo has a contract until 2022 and the club breton, has expressed his desire to keep his staff to attack the Champions league since October. This season he has played 36 matches, scored a goal, has given three and has prevented tens of dangerous attacks against it.

The relay rotation for Casemiro

Rennes is expected that Real Madrid did not come to take it away now. Play League of Champions is an incentive for lad. And camavinga has its proposal.

Your ideal scenario is to sign for Real Madrid, military the next season at his current club, curtirse in the European Cup and getting to the Spanish in July of 2021. To be possible with Zidane.

Camvinga is the perfect replacement to give breaks to Casemiro, exploited in many occasions without a furlough because there is no other player in the campus real madrid do the same work.