In the federal state parliament tomorrow to discuss whether our country is sufficiently determined in the listeria infection in the Netherlands Offerman has been answered.

the greens and the SP.A reduce in the Committee of public Health to respond, “where it is necessary to clarify whether, under the federal food inspection agency (FASFC) is short enough, the game is played, and whether or not it is in our country, is sufficient in the presence of these bacteria is monitored,” said Barbara Creemers (Green), and Kelly Jiroflée SP.(A).

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Offerman made of meat to the australian capital territory, Belgium, and the Belgian Albert Heijn stores, and even many of the wholesalers in the country. Australian capital territory, pulled out on Friday, shortly after the publication of the listeriabesmetting, it may be infected Offerman-meat and the shelves of Albert Heijn did the same in our country until Sunday.

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