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how Many geniuses of mankind were bad students ? How many teachers thought that their students, then great characters endowed with talents that were never encouraged in school, they thought would never come to be men and women “of advantage “? If there is a musician that changed the history of pop and that meets that rule to the letter that is John Winston Lennon .

The more rebellious of the Beatles was born in Liverpool in a working class family, but what he lacked in attitude is what made up for always with a keen intelligence. In fact if anything show these notes is that outgrew its passage through the regulated education without really trying. In your school report, who has published “Farout” it is easy to see that.

Lennon child, with your pet

The first time that Lennon spoke of it openly it was with David Sheff for “Playboy” in 1980 . “A part of me would like to be accepted by all society and not be this poet / musician lunatic,” he said then. “But I can’t be what I am not… I was the one that all the parents of the other children —including Paul’s father— would say: “stay Away from him.” The parents recognized instinctively that I was a troublemaker, which means that I was satisfied and would influence their children. And that is what I did.”

he also Spoke of his childhood: “there Were five women that were my family. Five women strong, smart, beautiful, five sisters. One turned out to be my mother. [She] simply could not cope with life, I was the youngest and had a husband who went to sea, it could not cope with my upbringing, so I ended up living with her older sister. Those women were fantastic. That was my first education feminist. Could infiltrame in the minds of the other guys. I could say: “The parents are not gods because I don’t live with mine and, therefore, I know”” .


For all this, it must be said that in the report of notes of the school you can appreciate how wrong they were your old masters:

Professor of French: “An intelligent child who could be much better with a bit of concentration in the class.”

Professor of mathematics : “Certainly is on the road to failure if this continues.”

Professor of physics : “Your work always lacks effort. Is happy with “drifting” instead of using their skills.”

Professor of religion : “Attitude in class most unsatisfactory”.

Director: “Has too many ambitions wrong and your power is often out-of-place”.

Lennon, in 1958