In One series, the “Home” is Kobe a lot in the moment to pick grapes in his vineyard. Do not be surprised, because it was at the start of the autumn, the grape harvest is on-going. Only the episodes that are on tv, and all the summer and canned. How is that possible? A very clever piece of editing, as it turns out.

during the winter, were, Steven, Ben Van Ostade), Kobe (the Sid Of the Time), and Pink (Annick Segal on the idea of a vineyard is about to begin. The “Phoenix rising”-the wine must be the result of this will be. After a spring and summer to ripen, the grapes are ready to be harvested. Just like all the other vineyards in Belgium, which is currently the property takes place.

But the story Home, , which are now televised, have already been in in may. How is it possible that there are rows and rows full of ripe grapes, to be seen? Through a clever montage of images that are both years ago, much more recently have been included, as it turns out. “The location was lovely and the general atmosphere were a year ago, have already canned,” says at Home -producer, Hans-Rays. “There is a story to be written. Last spring, we have, effectively, the extra scenes are adjusted to make the story complete.”

As we can see in one of the episodes, it’s Kobe up-close, behind a grapevine and sit. “It was in the spring and filmed it. We have an extra grape leaves and some fresh, imported grapes, air.” If we are to Kobe, what the, later, further afield, to see and sit, surrounded by the ripened grapes, we are suddenly in a different season. “That’s what we get in september of 2018 shall be recorded. And then, it is very important that the images are fine with each other, blending, so that the viewer is wondering, ” how do we make that happen,” he says, laughing.