The fishermen, that controversy caused by the live shark at the back of their boat to pull up, and go to the cell


the Two anglers, who, in July, 2017, in the fuss caused by the shark’s death, in drag, have been sentenced by the court. Robert Benac, III (30) it should be ten days in the cell, was fined a $ 2500 (2240 euros), and is a community service of 250 hours in a shelter. He also got his license to lose. His friend, Michael Wenzel (22), received a similar sentence. A third fisherman, he made a deal and testified against the others in exchange for his freedom.

The parents of Benac will have to let me know that they were “disappointed” with the verdict. “This is not justice,” said his father, who does not wanted to elaborate on his statement. “Let’s get it together.”

the shark expert, and a hunter’s Mark Quartino of Miami, suspects that the men are somewhere in the connections to: “this punishment is far too light. It was the Quartino, that the ball will be in 2017 and the roll brought on by the gruesome images to spread through social media.

The convicted fishermen, have not yet commented on the outcome of a case. They may be in jail during the weekend to sit out.

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