“Switzer father” in the home theater – these are the best moments from “Switzer artist”Michael Steiner’s new Film was made from 1400 hours of Material that sends Switzerland to the inside. The result can now be streamed. Pascal Blum0 KommentareWar the life: The summer of 2019 in “Switzer artist”. PD

the summer of 2019. Much too warm he had been, say meteorologists. And otherwise? There was no Lockdown, the First of all, if you look at “Switzer artist”. Tightly people pushing themselves to the climate change demonstration in September, it is sung in the choir and in front of DJ mixers dancing. What was that carefree life?

1400 hours of film material have spotted “cloudburst”Director Michael Steiner and his Team have assembled a compilation of approximately 80 minutes. Originally, the idea of Ridley Scott (“Alien”), launched in 2010, the project “Life in a Day”, for the more than 80’000 Videos from all over the world were sent to comes.

Scott’s production company sold since then, the license, in Switzerland, has acquired the publishing house Tamedia, which publishes this newspaper. Because a theatrical release is currently hardly possible, you can rent “Switzer artist” now on platforms such as Apple TV, Sky, UPC or Swisscom for around 7 francs.

If a representative of visual anthropology unearthing the time capsule “Switzer artist” in 50 years, what will he see there? The self-image of a predominantly rural population, the flying, the paraglider may also like to drive the car, the bar on “Eco-reps”, and vanishing Parking scolds. And is proud of the work, the craftsmanship and the own country, this is especially to be visited by it – for example, with the Gopro camera, but also with wide-angle and drone.

“Switzer painter,” is also the testimony of a time in which, for the Swiss, of course, is become, to themselves. But of course, not everything is a Performance in this Film. These are the most impressive scenes:

HebammeSo is sympathetic, Switzerland: a midwife Jeannine in Triemli. PD

A work colleague has filmed the midwife Jeannine for a day, from early in the get Up with the cold chocolate to the lavender wrap, you want to be prepared for a Pregnant in the Triemli-Spital. The spectacular Moment of the birth is because of the rather unglamorous everyday work, full of small human Gestures, but in the Corona-the time like a this document, from Inside the health care sector.

wheelchair, drive in the Coop”A bit of Curling”: Roger Seger in a Coop store. Photo: PD

Roger Seger lives in Schlieren, due to the chronic disease ulcerative colitis he had to have the colon removed. You might think, so one had every reason to complain, but Roger Seger has lost neither his sense of Humor and his positive Outlook on the world. He takes us to be in a wheelchair by the Coop and shows us how he has to stretch to grab a couple of prima gusto-peaches. The biggest obstacle on the way back, then stands in the middle of the sidewalk: It is an E-Scooter.

The young Schwingerin Carmen Laimbacher a Schwinget. Photo: PD

wielding The 12-year-old Carmen Laimbacher from Siebnen SZ, since she was eight years old. At the time you went to the jacks in the vibrating basement and kept up well, until you ausrenkte the Arm and in the hospital had to. This has not prevented them from Swinging. If you are struggling today, of betting takes part, it is possible that it applies to “critical” opponents. If that happens, she goes with her “Daddy” behind the grandstand, and watching a few swings.

The Eritrean wedding, a relaxed Celebration of the wedding of Eritreans. Photo: PD

The fear is that the Migration is very far in the Background in “Switzer father”, true to happiness. A provisionally recorded Somalis, to tell them what it means to have free, but to not be able to travel. And a Community of Eritreans celebrating a traditional wedding somewhere in a multi-purpose hall and declared the Swiss, what they lack: the looseness.

In a first Version of this article was to read, Roger Seger have been infected with HIV. This is wrong. We apologize in the error.

“Switzer artist” is available from 21.5. on Apple TV, Teleclub, Sky, UPC and Myfilm, as well as a DVD.

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