The executives of the Ibex cut their pay by 21% and the tips 12% in 2018


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The compensation joint of the first executives of the Ibex 35 fell by 20.8% and the remuneration in aggregate of the boards of directors decreased by 12.3% in the year 2018, due primarily to the remuneration of overtime that was paid the previous year, according to the report ‘Evolution of indicators of good governance in the companies in the Ibex 35 during the year 2018’ produced by DC.OO.

The compensation joint of the first executives of the Ibex reached 137 million euros (-20,8%) in 2018, representing 44.6% of the aggregate remuneration of the boards of directors.

The companies that paid higher salaries to their top executives in 2018 were Naturgy, ACS and Banco Santander, with amounts exceeding 10 million euros. On the opposite side, were placed Aena (€105,000) and Bankia (800,000 euros).

The companies that increased in 2018 the remuneration of its top executives were Naturgy, with 12 million more by the severance of the ceo, the outgoing Rafael Villaseca, valued at 14 million euros, and Bankinter, with 2 million of increase due to the increase in the cash remuneration of the ceo, María Dolores Dancausa, according to the report of CCOO.

Of his hand, among the reductions highlighted CIE Automotive, ACS and Acciona, with cuts of more than 10 million euros each, due to the compensation of overtime of 2017.

Inditex is the company where the remuneration included a higher proportion respect to the total compensation of the board of directors, over 80%, while at the opposite end stood Mapfre, where the remuneration of the chief executive represented the 17% of the total remuneration of the board.

In the whole of the board of directors, the remuneration in aggregate amounted to 308 million euros, 12.3% less than in the previous year. Highlighted Santander (28.9 million), the ACS patients (27.9 million euros) and Naturgy (23.1 million euros), while the lowest salaries were those of Aena (298.000 euros), Meliá (€2.1 million) and Ence (2.9 million euros).

on the other hand, the report points out that average remuneration per adviser in 2018 was 692.000 euros (was-13.5%), being the higher of Banco Santander and Naturgy, close to 2 million euros, and lower the from Aena (€19,000). The greatest increases in the presented Naturgy (1.4 million more) and the largest decreases Acciona (1.4 million) and CIE Automotive (1.1 million).

Salaries of the template

In regards to the templates, the wages and salaries of the companies in the Ibex 35 grew by 0.7% in 2018, reaching 53.500 million euros, being the largest items of Banco Santander, ACS and BBVA (with amounts in excess of 4,000 million euros) and the lowest in Colonial or Merlin (with amounts lower than € 30 million.

CC.OO. estimated that the average wage per person in the companies of the Ibex amounted to 40.600 € in 2018, 0.7% less than in 2017. The highest average wages were the Merlin (of 164,000 euros per year per person) and Colonial (102.000 eur), and the lower of CIE Automotive, Meliá and Inditex, all of them with salaries lower than € 20,000 per employee.

The secretary of Public Policies and Social Protection of the trade Union Confederation CC.OO., Carlos Bravo, has highlighted that, despite the reduction of the remuneration of the first officers of the Ibex 35, this marked a 44.6% of the councils, an amount “not insignificant” in some companies exceeded 10 billion euros.


The report of the vehicle.OO. it also sets out that the percentage of women in the templates remained unchanged in 2018, with 46.4%, being higher the proportion of women in the templates of Inditex (75%), Colonial (60%), Grifols (56%), Sabadell (56%), Santander (55%) and Mapfre (55%). The proportion was lower in Acerinox (10%), CIE Automotive (16%) or Siemens Gamesa (19%).

In the board of directors, the percentage of women slightly increased by 23,8%, still below the recommendation of the CNMV, which is 30% and will rise to 40%. Of the 445 members of the boards of directors of 2018, of which 106 were women (10 more than in 2017).

Only 11 companies met in 2018 with the goal of having a ratio greater than or equal to 30% of women in the council, being more elevated its representation at Siemens Gamesa (46.2 per cent) and Power Grid (41.7 per cent). On the other hand, tecnicas Reunidas, Colonial and Naturgy only had a woman inside of their tips.

In the high direction, the situation is even more unequal (by 16.4%), with little variation with respect to the previous year, so that the union has become to insist on the necessity of delving into greater specificity in the recommendations and regulations and has appreciated the need to pass the recommendation to regulation” if the purpose of the mentors of the 30% is not met in 2020, informs Ep.