Trump defends taking malaria drugs – “The drug gives an additional safety against Corona”US President, Trump is a man of his approach, a controversial drug as a Corona prophylaxis.oli/sda9 from Kommentare9Spricht for the taking of a drug, the dangerous side effects it can have and its effect is not proven against Covid-19: U.S. President Donald Trump.Photo: Jim Lo Scalzo/Keystone

U.S. President Donald Trump taking the Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine for the Corona-has defended the prophylaxis. “I think it gives you an additional level of security,” said Trump on Tuesday in the US Congress, in front of journalists. “This is an individual decision.” Hydroxychloroquine is not a proven drug and a shame.

Trump had declared on Monday that he will take for about one and a half weeks, the Malaria-preparation – although there is no reliable scientific evidence of the efficacy of the drug in connection with the Coronavirus.

Heavy side effects> possible

According to Trumps physician to Sean Conley, the possible benefits of treatment with hydroxychloroquine outweigh the associated risks. It is unclear whether Trump takes the means of infection with the novel Virus and to prevent, or in the hope that symptoms of the disease Covid-would be 19 mild. Trump under Corona-Tests, which were, according to the White house, always negative attracts on a regular basis.

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