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resim 448

Known for roles in films such as Une histoire banale by Audrey Estrougo or Les Adoptés by Mélanie Laurent, Marie Denarnaud experienced a certain change in her career by joining the cast of the hit series HPI. By playing Commissioner Hazan, the actress was able to practice a lighter type of character than in many other works in which she took part.

“I am an actress who has very rarely been given comedy roles, to my great regret. So it gives me great pleasure to be moved into the collective imagination. […] And to get out of my niche of auteur films, rougher. My parents are happy to discover me in something joyful, where they don’t see me being raped, or struggling in the mud, or denouncing things with a raised fist. – she confided in the columns of Télé 7 Jours.

In her filmography, there are thus many works that deal with important and particularly denunciatory subjects on social problems linked to feminism or ecology, for example. A choice that also comes from Marie Denarnaud.

“I’m looking for projects that are testimonies to the world in which I live […] In the cinema, I always choose first films with strong subjects. It’s also a way of getting involved,” he said. – she confided to our colleagues in February 2022.

Between HPI, and the many films in which Marie Denarnaud lends her features to characters, the actress is very often called upon. However, she does not want to give up on new projects, including one in particular, which is close to her heart.

“I intend, this year, to make my first feature film, on which I have been working for four years: a dramatic comedy in the form of a fable.”, she explained in the TV magazine.